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Welcome to Volunteer Manager!

Natomas Charter School (NCS) was founded on the philosophy that families and schools should be partners in educating children. Families who get involved in their child's education make a difference and everyone benefits. Students achieve, schools improve, and families gain a sense of accomplishment because they know they've increased their children's chances for success. It is the hope of the Leading Edge Middle School staff that you will correspond with your child's teachers and find ways that fit your needs to add to the educational experiences offered at NCS. NCS wants your support and encourages you to be a partner in educating your child. 

Leading Edge Active Parents (LEAP)

Greetings parents! One of the building blocks of the Leading Edge Academy is parent involvement. A great way for you to find out how

and what opportunities are available is to be involved in LEAP. LEAP is a parent support network that meets monthly, and regularly

communicates with parents about what is happening in their student’s classroom. You also earn parent hours for attending. Please

come and join the fun. We need your help!

LEAP Objectives:

• To enhance overall student learning by supporting parents and school administration with assistance in planning, coordinating, and

executing schoolrelated activities.

• Foster effective communication between parents and LE teachers, administrators, and staff.

• Engage parents and increase family participation.

• Foster a strong sense of community between home and school, so that parents and teachers may cooperate effectively in the

education of our students.

Membership: Every parent, guardian, or adult representative of a student at LE is considered a member of LEAP.